Pekin Life Insurance Company has rolled out new rates for all Medicare Supplement plans.

Making it the number one choice for contracting today. Don't miss out on selling one of the hottest products on the market!

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Some of the Many Benefits of Contracting with Pekin

Electronic Application

Save time and money with our new electronic application. Once you have completed an app, you have the option of submitting electronically online. This will allow quicker processing of your new business as well as getting you paid more quickly!

Competitive Compensation

Together with #1 rates in almost every state and very competitive compensation, you and your clients will benefit.

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Pekin Medicare Supplement Approved States

Some of the most competitive rates you will find, #1 in many states.

Life Insurance Products

Pekin Life Insurance Company offers a stellar line up of life insurance policies for its customers. Click on one of our policies below to find out more about the riders and benefits featured.

Preferred Whole Life

Simplified Issue Whole Life

Term to Age 95

Transitional Life

About Pekin Life Insurance Company

Founded in 1965, Pekin Life Insurance Company is currently rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best. In this uncertain world, Pekin Insurance is able to still stand strong because of our foundation of values. We are people-focused. We believe in building solid relationships. Only by taking a genuine interest, and remaining responsive and caring to our policyholders and agents, can we stay strong … and grow. Our philosophy is conservative, our solutions are high-tech. But above all, our values are best expressed not through words, but actions. We are fast, fair, and committed to delivering superior service. We also provide outstanding products at competitive prices. We follow through. Then take it that extra step to get results … Beyond the expected.®

About HFG

HFG is a full service marketing organization and has been operating in the senior market for over 30 years. With HFG’s expertise in Medicare Supplement Product development, FMO’s, Agencies, and Independent agents across the country can count on us for the highest level of customer service and efficiency with our Product lines. Because of our recent progressions in Technology and innovation, HFG also has a dedicated vision for Call Centers operating in several states. Call us now and get started with a leader in the business!